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Montana is a state famous for its involvement with the miners of the old west, and was home to several small mining towns in its heyday. One of the most famous of these was Butte, which was formally one of the hottest spots around for copper mining, bringing in dozens of saloons and one of the nation's most famous red light districts. Today, Butte apartment-ites can still take in the rich history of the city, while also enjoying plenty of other entertainment, including a chance to take in some art, try your luck at a casinos, or even down a beer at one of their fine taverns.

Their town is rich in history, so Butte apartment-ites must have plenty of opportunities to take in this history whenever possible. There are several places around town to learn more about Butte, from old style homes, to museums, even the archives, which hold all the information you could want on the history of the town. Apartment-ites can also enjoy a trip through the very mines that made this town famous, and even get a look at what the town used to look like in the olden days. If history's not quite your bag, you can check out the gallery at the Arts Chateau, try your hand at one of their fine casinos, or down a beer at one of their old-fashioned saloons.

The city may not be as exciting as it was in its heyday, but there's still plenty around to keep Butte apartment-ites occupied. You can dig through the rich history of the town, gamble the day away, down a brew or two at the local beer hole, or just enjoy the beautiful Montana weather.

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